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My Approach

Therapy is not about giving advice. In my practice I offer a collaborative space, based on my training as a relational therapist.


I believe that people are able to make decisions about their lives. And that once they realise those decisions are no longer serving them positively, I truly support the idea that people can change them.

Therapy, for me, is a process created by the inputs of both therapist and client - I don't believe the therapist is, or can ever be, a blank slate.


I provide therapy for adults and couples, on a weekly basis. At our first session, we can explore the reasons that brought you to therapy. It is an opportunity for us to start to get to know each other, where I am happy to explain more about how I understand we can work together. We can talk about your expectations for and concerns around being in therapy.

If you decide to engage in therapy, I normally suggest that we schedule 4 to 6 sessions and that we review our progress at the end of this period.


I offer short-term and open-ended therapy as I understand that for some people an initial phase of therapy may be enough.


For those clients who want to explore their lives in further depth, relational therapy can promote insight and enable changes, to achieve more awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, enabling autonomy and empowerment to promote the changes you desire in your life. 

For those clients who may want to understand how their current difficulties were developed and are maintained, as well as learning ways to manage those difficulties so their lives are less impacted by them, I offer the option of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as a therapeutic approach.

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